Our Management Team

CEO Vítek

Vítek is a manager with international experience in the field of tourism, banking and telecommunications and customer service “Shared services”. Experience in these fields helps him to prepare innovative solutions for clients, significantly simplifying the orientation in tourism services, airline tickets and travel enjoyments. Vítek speaks fluently in Czech, English and Russian.

COO Petr

Petr is a result oriented manager, with over 10 years of experience in leading management. Petr possesses a unique knowledge of Customer Care unit optimization, leadership and training. Due to the experience in international Telco and BPO companies Petr assures the quality of services towards our clients and partners. Petr has experiences as project coordinator and Customer care manager with 2 MVNO international projects. is fluent in Czech, English & German language.

CSO Karel

Due to the very good and long-term business contacts in the Czech Republic and abroad, Karel is responsible for acquisition activities, searching for new business opportunities and marketing activities. He has many years of experience from multinational companies in the field of sales and marketing management. In recent years he directed the activities of firms in building sales teams and business consulting in the field of sales and marketing.

Czech Republic

Travel agency
Ďáblická 902/2j
182 00 Praha 8 - Ďáblice
Czech Republic
+420 222 266 966

Corporation WEB SHOP FLY, a. s. is registered under the record B 21086 registered at the City Court in Prague, the Czech Republic.

IČ: 045 91 399

DIČ: CZ04591399

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Travel agency
WEB SHOP FLY, s.r.o.
Námestie sv. Egídia 95
058 01 Poprad
+421 553 217 777

Corporation WEB SHOP FLY, s.r.o. is registered under the record 33964/P registered at the Local Court in Prešov, Slovakia.

IČO: 36 397 440

DIČ: 2020121774

IČ DPH: SK2020121774

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